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Come join us in an outdoor adventure that is full of excitement, yet it allows each guest to relax and enjoy the beauty. Our hot air balloon flight package offers a unique and wonderful experience that most of us hope for when we plan to challenge beyond the ordinary.

Imagine rising slowly toward the sky–surrounded by a wicker and leather gondola, suspended beneath a huge red, white and blue balloon.

You are floating off to new heights as your professional pilot guides the balloon to wherever the winds may take you. Gently you glide over the rolling countryside and clear lakes, savoring the beauty as you enjoy your "aerial nature walk". The gondola does not rock or sway -- there is no sense of movement as the earth appears to move beneath you. The views are spectacular and any fear of heights has left you.


You'll notice people stopping their cars and watching your flight, and you'll find yourself smiling and waving back at them. Hot air ballooning has a special magical allure that appeals to all ages. As you peacefully float with the wind in your balloon, you are experiencing an adventure that few will have the opportunity to do in a lifetime.

Not far away, the flight crew is following you via the nearest roads, always keeping in visual or radio contact. As the flight crew prepares for your post flight celebration, your pilot will skillfully maneuver the balloon to a suitable landing site. (Do not be surprised if you have a small parade of spectators awaiting your arrival.)

After landing, refreshments and gifts are shared with the landowner and earth-bound guests as we salute the success of your flight. As the flight crew packs and loads the balloon system, you enjoy your "lighter than air" conversations and the trolley ride back to the meeting area. You'll make new friends and enjoy memories that will linger in your mind long after the pictures fade. All this and more is offered to you to help make those special dreams come true...


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