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If you are considering purchasing a balloon ride from anyone, please read the following:

Are all balloon ride companies are the same?

To simply assume that all balloon ride operators are the same would be like concluding that all restaurants are the same. We have been in the adventure travel industry for over 3 decades and we know that there is a world of difference between the flight providers. Hot air ballooning is an expensive and labor-intensive form of flight and this causes flight tickets to be costly. We encourage you to shop, compare, ask questions and then make an informed choice of whom to fly with, making sure you are getting the best value for your investment.

Some balloonists will do occasional passenger rides to help pay the bills for their hobby and others may offer paid rides as a way to make a living. At Majestic Balloons, Ltd., we do it because it's our passion. With our company, you will have hosts Gregg & Sue Rasske to personally answer your questions, schedule and pilot your flight. We have a 30-year track record at the same location, pay close attention to details and love sharing ballooning with others. Positive "word of mouth" advertising has kept us very busy for many years. The State of Wisconsin designated our company as the states “Aerial Goodwill Ambassador” and we have received extensive media coverage of our ballooning activities.

Gregg is a licensed commercial pilot who has provided 10,000+ passengers with enjoyable and rewarding aerial adventures. Gregg is also a pilot of other forms of flying machines, an active member of several aviation organizations, a professional speaker, educator and leader. He will not compromise anyone's safety by flying in marginal or unsafe weather conditions and has an unblemished safety record. We utilize a state of the art hot air balloon and support equipment, all are designed with your comfort and safety in mind. Our balloon is huge (over twice the volume of an average size balloon) and the oversized partitioned basket has high sides with access steps.

Our custom crafted trolley is the only one of its kind and it is used exclusively for our hot air ballooning. We created it for our passengers to enjoy during their ride from the meeting area to the launch site and from the landing site back to the meeting area. (Most balloon operators transport their passengers in a crowded van or in the back of a pick-up truck.)

We have a professional, personable and fun loving flight crew. They will do all the work required for your adventure in the sky while you relax and enjoy your evening. (Some balloon operators ask, expect or even require their passengers to do the work in launching & recovering a hot air balloon.) Our flights are conducted over the beautiful Green Lake area - the oldest resort area west of Niagara Falls . This area is perfect for ballooning with a beautiful mix of lakes, woods, prairies and wetlands.

Safe hot air ballooning does require stable weather and lighter winds. With decades of experience, Gregg knows what weather conditions are necessary to give his passengers the safest and most enjoyable aerial adventure. He will not compromise his passenger's safety just to get a flight completed. We are all disappointed if unsafe weather conditions cancel our flight plans on a given day, but you can be happy in knowing that it will be great weather when you do fly.

Buyers Beware - there are several Internet based hot air balloon ticket brokers with fancy web sites. Most are out of state, faceless and most do not even own their own balloons. They make a lot of vague promises and then re-sell tickets to any balloon pilot whom will accept them. Every year we receive calls from disappointed and disillusioned holders of these tickets, wanting to know if we can help them get what they were promised. While we are sorry for their loss and disappointment, we will only honor the flight tickets we sell.

Sometimes the competition copies our literature, but they do not match what we give our passengers. We are price competitive - but our flight packages are a fantastic deal when factoring in what you will receive from us. We hope that you will take a good look at the information presented in our web site and if you wish, we would be happy to mail you a printed version of all our literature. Or if you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail or call. Our goal is to provide you with a lot of detailed information to assist you in your choice of whom to fly with. We of course, hope that you will chose us!

Thank you again for your interest in Wisconsin 's Majestic Balloons - please let us know how we can help further with your plans.

Your Hosts, Gregg & Sue Rasske


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