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hot air balloon ticket information

Sunset hot air balloon flights are scheduled daily from mid May through early September and on weekends all year-round. The purchase of a flight ticket is required for flight date scheduling and advance reservations are required so we may prepare for your adventure. A detailed confirmation package including a map and meeting plans will be mailed to you.

On the day of your scheduled flight we will coordinate by telephone to advise of the prevailing and forecasted weather conditions. Aviation is weather sensitive, so we will be watching it closely. You should plan on meeting with us about 2
hours prior to sunset, when Wisconsin weather conditions are the most favorable for ballooning. (If unsuitable weather conditions exist or may develop that would not allow for the safest and most enjoyable flight: your pilot will cancel all flight plans for that day and the passengers may schedule another flight date at no additional charge)
Each passenger must honestly assess their physical abilities and limitations to determine if they are able to do what is required to fly in a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon basket does not have a door and the only way in and out is to climb over the side. Safety and insurance requirements dictate that each passenger, without assistance, must be able to enter and exit the basket in a timely manner. (Please review the basket photo series with Norm, Sue and Gregg Rasske Jr. If desired, an appointment can be made to view and try the basket at our facility). Passengers also need to be able to stand for the entire flight and to flex their knees and hold on during landing.

As ballooning is a variable activity in response to ever changing weather conditions, a rough landing is possible. Each passenger accepts the responsibility to verify with their physician that they do not have any physical, pre-existing medical or psychological problems that would prohibit them from participating. Flights will not be provided for anyone under the influence of drugs, alcohol or during any stages of pregnancy. Passengers must be at least 48" tall so they can see over the side of the basket.

The cost of our balloon flight tickets are $269.00 per passenger. If you purchase 4 or more flight tickets at the same time, the cost is $249.00 for each flight ticket. (These are inclusive prices - no extra charges for taxes.)

To purchase tickets, make a reservation  or answer any questions, please call Gregg or Sue at (920)748-3464 or email us.  

Flight tickets are refundable (within 10 days of issue), transferable and are valid for 18 months. Reservation cancellation policy applies.

Payment by check or money order preferred to keep our prices as low as possible, we do not accept credit cards.


Our flights are conducted in the Green Lake County area, over some of Wisconsin's most beautiful countryside. Transportation from the meeting area to the launch site and for the return after landing is provided for our passengers in our custom crafted "chase trolley". Plan to be our guests for the better part of the early evening, with your flight lasting about an hour, depending on a suitable landing spot (if it takes a little longer to find a nice landing field, we hope you will understand).

You will find that it is a bit warmer in the gondola than it is on the ground, so dress to be comfortable outside on the day of your flight.


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